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Jon Fagg: Public Perception Versus Reality of NIL in College Athletics

"We are absolutely going through another one right now. It’s an amazing time in college athletics because students have the ability, finally, to go to school, to play sports, and to work. People oftentimes lose focus of what NIL is - but it’s work."


Susie Bruce: The Impact Of Social Media On The College Athlete

"We’ve all heard stories of students who have had offers rescinded when a school did a deep dive on their social media history and found concerning posts from the past. The pressure to have a polished, “perfect” image starts in high school and escalates in college, especially so for student-athletes who are often in the public eye."


Solomon Hughes: Athlete Education in the NIL World

"The academic experience solely exists to support the athletic one, which is an issue. What I have a real problem with is the total reactionary nature of the NCAA today. Institutions are telling their students that if they want any part of the financial benefit that’s now allowed, they have to go outside of the institution to find it. They are now students, athletes, and essentially working one or more jobs."

Press Release

Game Plan Joins Forces With BridgeAthletic

"We are very excited to join forces with BridgeAthletic to build the first-ever integrated athlete development platform. By leveraging Bridge’s best-in-class technology resources with our industry-leading online learning capability, we can create the next generation of performance experiences for all."


Drew Butler: The Transfer Portal and Name, Image, and Likeness in College Athletics

"The transfer portal and the lack of rules and regulations around the transfer portal is the gasoline that's been just thrown onto the NIL fire, and nobody knows what's going on because there is no guidance."


Andrew Petcash: Name, Image, and Likeness in College Athletics

"This was inevitable. First – I think it's overdue by at least 20 years. Once you started seeing coaches start to make millions of dollars, how could you not pay some of the football and basketball players?"


Game Plan and NHL Alumni Association Launch Entrepreneurial Strategies Certification Program to Boost Former Hockey Players' Business Success

The NHLAA is supportive of developing and sourcing resources to assist in honing our players’ toolbox for their next journey after hockey and this remains a major part of our core values.


Game Plan and Wells Fargo Expand Sponsorship to Enrich Financial Education Curriculum

Financial education enhancement comes ahead of August 2024 NCAA mandate; will be available courtesy of Wells Fargo to all 1,200 collegiate athletic departments, including those at 107 HBCUs


Game Plan Adds Gary Del Vecchio to lead Youth Sports Efforts

“Game Plan’s commitment to creating an optimal youth sports experience for all participants aligns with my career-long goal to promote and safeguard all youth sports. Focusing on athletes holistically as opposed to just X’s and O’s is something that I am very passionate about. Providing widespread access to educational resources that are built to help youth sports participants is truly exciting. I am so thrilled to join the Game Plan team and help bring tremendously engaging and valuable content to the youth sports marketplace.”


OVC to Partner with Game Plan to Enhance Student-Athlete Experience

“We are excited to partner with a well-known national company to help supplement our schools efforts in providing significant and valued programming for our student-athletes and coaches in a variety of areas.”


Major League Soccer Players Association Partners with Game Plan

“Our new partnership with Game Plan directly aligns with our mission at the MLSPA to establish a supportive community for players that positively impacts their lives and futures. We are excited to be able to equip players with tools to identify their personal strengths so that they can use them to their advantage both on and off the field.”


Binghamton University Partners with Game Plan

“The partnership with Game Plan gives us the ability to encourage individual student-athlete exploration on a wide variety of topics while providing basic educational and self-awareness content in a format best suited to overly-tasked student-athletes. Our partnership with Game Plan will provide our Binghamton student-athletes with personal development opportunities that will serve them beyond their time as a Division I college athlete.”


Game Plan and the Gordie Center Partner to Provide Alcohol Misuse and Hazing Education to Student-Athletes

“The Gordie Center is proud to partner with Game Plan to include our PUBS signs of alcohol overdose as well as our other alcohol education and hazing prevention videos in their educational programs. Knowing the PUBS signs can save a life. There’s too little awareness that drinking too much alcohol too quickly can lead to a deadly overdose.”


Game Plan Welcomes Julie Parkes to the Team

“Game Plan is the platform I wish I had access to when I was a student-athlete. I think the content on the platform is so valuable to help athletes mature as young adults, prepare for life after college, and smoothly transition to life after sport. I am so grateful to join the Game Plan team and support collegiate partners and other organizations to promote the holistic development of their athletes, coaches, and staff. It is a true joy to be able to spend my days helping others prioritize their personal growth.”


Seton Hall Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“Game Plan is a valuable tool in our department. This platform creates a seamless hub for our student-athletes to grow, while also ensuring we have a solution for the busy schedules in college athletics. From the variety of educational topics to the ease of monitoring completion, this platform has enhanced our in-person education and allowed our staff to dig deeper into topics and expand the conversations around topics like financial literacy.”


WRK Partners with Game Plan

“Education is the key to unlocking boundless potential, and our partnership with Game Plan is a testament to our commitment to empowering founders, professionals, and students in sports, media, and entertainment. By delivering flexible online learning solutions, we’re ensuring that these individuals have the resources they need to excel, both in their careers and in life. Together with Game Plan, we’re redefining professional development, creating opportunities for growth and success.”


UC Irvine Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“Game Plan has allowed us to continue to grow our engagement levels with the student-athletes in many different aspects of our department because of the convenience of having these tools all on one platform. Our favorite aspect of using the platform is the amount of different modules and lessons provided. This allows us to distribute a wider variety of content to a diverse group of students.”


Lehigh University Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“Game Plan allows our department to holistically meet our identified educational goals that benefit our Student-Athletes’ growth and development. We are excited to continue to learn about Game Plan’s ongoing educational module development and use it to supplement our in-person programming. Overall, Game Plan allows us to provide a vast array of resources for our Student-Athletes.”


Maine Maritime Academy Partners with Game Plan

“I am excited to have an opportunity to gain insights into our students’ mindset as it relates to how we serve them. We spend a lot of time talking about our service to our students, but the conversation has always been qualitative in its nature. There is great value in that, but injecting quantitative data into the conversation will provide a more informed discussion and afford us the opportunity to measure our progress over time.”


Game Plan Announces Mike Banville as CEO

“I am honored to join an organization with such a compelling mission and impact. Since 2008 under founder Vin McCaffrey’s leadership Game Plan has been dedicated to supporting the athlete’s entire journey, including a successful transition to life after sports. I look forward to working with the Game Plan team and clients to prepare for the new NCAA Transformation Committee rules, a major expansion of the responsibilities for both student-athletes and universities. The next phase of our journey will be very exciting!”


Utah Valley Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“Game Plan is a simple and effective way to educate our coaches and staff while providing documentation and tracking mechanisms that help us ensure we are meeting the needs of our students. Game Plan has worked well to be able to have students and staff complete annual education modules from the convenience of their phones.”


Utica Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“It’s a great assessment tool that allows us to help our coaches grow and be even more successful through productive student-athlete feedback. It’s also extremely easy for our student-athletes to use, which has been critical for driving high response rates. We have been able to disaggregate data to drill down to areas where we have needed to make improvements. We have also been able to look at our strengths and successes and duplicate those efforts.”


Advance and Game Plan Announce Strategic Partnership to Educate Collegiate and Professional Athletes

“As athlete development is more important now than ever, we are excited to partner with Game Plan to offer college and professional athletes real-world practical life skills education to help them effectively navigate the business of sports happening around them.”


Sacramento State Partners with Game Plan

“Sacramento State is grateful for our partnership with Game Plan to help us provide relevant and entertaining education to our student-athletes, staff, and coaches. With limited staff in our department, it was important for us to find a company that can help us deliver content in an efficient manner while keeping content fresh for the recipient. There’s no way we could do any of this without Game Plan.”


Fuel Your Body

Athletes require a balanced and nutritious diet to fuel their bodies for optimal performance. Proper nutrition is essential for both training and competition, as it can help athletes maintain energy levels, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance recovery.


Work-Life Balance as an Athlete

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance as an athlete requires a lot of planning, commitment, and flexibility. By prioritizing your goals, scheduling your time, taking care of your body, building a support system, and making time for rest and relaxation, you can achieve success in your athletic and personal life.


Game Plan Certifies 11 Administrators in Spring ‘23 Assessment Certification Cohort

“I’m thrilled to continue offering our Assessment Certification Program to administrators at Game Plan partner organizations,” said Dr. Tayler Onion, Game Plan’s Head of Curriculum Development. “This program reflects our dedication to investing in those who guide the athlete journey, and our spring cohort came prepared to engage in conversations to learn how to better serve their athletes.”


Questions to Ask During an Interview

As an athlete, you understand the importance of preparation and strategy in achieving success. The same principles apply when it comes to interviewing for a job. It’s always beneficial to ask questions at the end of an interview because it helps the employer know you are interested and eager to learn about the position, but also helps you discover if the company is a right fit for you.


Game Plan Adds New Intern Members

Game Plan has added two new intern members to help out the Athletic Organizations team! Throughout their internship, Margarita and Derek will assist the Game Plan Athletic Organizations team with various projects related to Game Plan’s partnership in the Pro, College, and Youth sport space.


Preparing For a Career After Sports

Utilize your coaches, alumni, professors, and athletics administration to help you on your journey. They can essentially be the ones to connect you with your future employer. Be open to sharing your future goals so that people can help you on your journey!


Cav Futures Foundation Partners with Game Plan

“Cav Futures Foundation will give UVA student-athletes access to a network that will allow them to thrive long after they take off their athletic uniforms”


The University of Oklahoma Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“The Game Plan platform has proven to be a great resource for our university and student-athletes. With the ease of use and access, student-athletes are able to utilize Game Plan content when it works best for their schedule. With all that athletes have to juggle in their day-to-day lives, this makes the platform incredibly valuable for all our student-athletes.”


Resume Building for Athletes

Incorporating athletics into your resume is a great way to highlight all your athletic achievements, transferable skills, and dedication to potential employers. Being an athlete is more than just physical fitness so don’t be afraid to include athletic accomplishments in your resume.


Mental Health and Athletics

Self-care is so much more than taking care of yourself physically. There is a mental, spiritual, and emotional component that also impacts your overall health. While exercising can certainly improve your mental health, it does not make you 100% resistant to mental health challenges.


Sports Builds Character

Through all of the challenges and obstacles you face playing sports, you learn how to handle adversity. When you first asked your parents to sign you up to play sports, it probably wasn’t because you wanted to build your personal character traits. Many people do not realize until years later that their sport actually helped them with things outside of physical skill.


5 skills to transition from athletics to work experience

Life after athletics can be tough, especially if you feel you are lacking in certain areas of legitimate work experience. The truth is, that you have more skills, resources, and abilities than you realize. Use your athletic experience to market yourself. Stay confident, stay true to yourself, and maintain your competitive fire. Stay prepared so that when your opportunity arises, you will be ready to take it and run with it.


Maximize Your Social Media Presence

Game Plan has been a tremendous asset for our athletic department by allowing our staff to more efficiently utilize our resources, saving us time and money while also helping us educate our student-athletes at a high level.”

Have a Game Plan for Life After Sports

The most important thing to do is to have a plan, and if things don’t work out according to plan, that’s okay.

Analyisport, CCHA Law, LifeBrand, and MOGL Join Game Plan’s Expert Network

The leader in total athlete development is excited to announce the latest additions to its Expert Network - Analyisport, CCHA Law, LifeBrand and MOGL.

Game Plan and LifeBrand partner to bring social media reputation building to college athletes

The content collaboration is the latest for Game Plan, which works with businesses, organizations, and thought leaders around the country on developmental programming tailored to the journey of the athlete.

Lincoln University Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“We re-signed with Game Plan to continue the holistic growth of our student-athletes, staff, and coaches towards the University mission of Learn, Liberate and Lead.”

Game Plan Announces Mental Wellness for Collegiate Athletes

College athletics industry’s first partnership to address student-athletes’ unique mental wellness needs

Game Plan Adds Brian Roberts as Industry Specialist - Youth Sports

Brian brings a wealth of knowledge from the world of elite youth sports and as a former Game Plan user at the Chicago Fire Academy he has unique insight into how Game Plan can be used to enhance the development of young athletes and their parents.

Franklin & Marshall Partners with Game Plan

“The Game Plan Survey is an amazing offering, it provides feedback from student-athletes and shows coaches and administrators the true climate of the student-athlete population.”

Game Plan Certifies 10 Administrators in Inaugural Assessment Certification Cohort

Our new certification program, which is offered to all existing Game Plan customers, provides information on how to facilitate conversations on assessment results with athletes. Ten administrators from various Game Plan partner schools were certified in our inaugural cohort in September.

Game Plan and Penn Interactive Partner on Education Initiative for College Athletes

Partnership creates new platform to educate student-athletes on game integrity and emerging career opportunities associated with the online sports wagering industry.

Game Plan's Ryan Drummond to give talk at TechServe Alliance’s Executive Summit

Our Vice President of Employer Partnerships, Ryan Drummond, will be giving a Tech Talent IMPACT! His talk is a look into an Athlete’s journey into the staffing industry.

Game Plan Partners with WellsQuest to Launch Foundational Leadership Courses in Professional Development Suite for Staff

In August, Game Plan announced the launch of our Professional Development Suite for staff. Today, we are excited to announce the initial offering of foundational leadership modules from WellsQuest as a part of that suite.

Game Plan Launches “Game Plan Next” Internship Program for College and Professional Sports

Through Game Plan Next, participants will gain valuable experience in the sports industry by completing a 5-month internship.

University of Memphis Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“Game plan makes our lives easier with the ability to schedule out programming, but also serves as a one stop resource for our student-athletes, which they really like."

Syracuse University Renews Partnership with Game Plan

“The Game Plan platform gives us flexibility and customization to enhance the student-athlete experience.”


Andrew Petcash: Finding Purpose with Profluence

"I'm trying to impact. I don't know what 14-year-old kid is gonna see my content, watch a podcast or see something. They might become the next big athlete, but athletes aren't just athletes now, they might give back to the community or start a business that impacts the entire world, you just don't know. So to me, I have a small impact on how that all plays out."

Mastry, One Love, and Restoic Join Game Plan’s Expert Network

The leader in total athlete development is excited to announce the latest additions to its Expert Network: Mastry, One Love, and Restoic. Each of the aforementioned now have their own Insights Channel within the Expert Network on Game Plan’s platform. Athletes can explore Insights Channel content on their own, without having to be assigned anything.

Game Plan Announces Professional Development Suite for Staff

The leader in total athlete development is excited to announce the launch of a Professional Development Suite for staff. Game Plan’s mission has always been to guide 100 percent of athletes through 100 percent of their journey, and athletic organization staff have always played a major role in that journey. This new suite of eLearning modules is designed specifically for those working in athletics and aims to provide professional development education for staff of all levels.

The Journey of The Athlete

Game Plan worked with four different student-athletes from different sports and all different walks of life. All who will face the same challenge at some point in their journey: The transition to life after sport.

New York Life partners with Game Plan to provide Career-Building education to Student-Athletes

Education partnership prepares emerging professionals for purpose-driven job opportunities in and out of the financial sector.

Game Plan Launches Groundbreaking College Athlete Career Development ‘Academies’ Program

First-of-its-kind upskilling program connects athletes directly with employers to offer bona fide skills certification led by the very businesses seeking those skills

Raise the Bar on Experiential Learning with Game Plan’s innovative “Custom Certificate Programs”

Game Plan’s certificate programs make it easy to supercharge the student-athlete experience.

Athlete Viewpoint to Continue Its Leading Data Collection Platform as Game Plan Analytics

Rebrand follows acquisition by Game Plan, creating the top sports survey and analytics tool for capturing the athlete experience

Game Plan Partners with Interactive Brokers to Provide Free Investor Education Resources to College Athletes

Every college athletics department nationwide will receive no-cost access to introductory-level courses from the Interactive Brokers Traders’ Academy on Game Plan’s eLearning platform.

Insider Tip: Utilize Game Plan Assessments to Help Freshmen Acclimate to Campus During Summer Bridge

Utilizing Game Plan's proprietary assessments can help freshmen better understand themselves and how to succeed in college - academically and athletically.

Game Plan adds industry thought leader and former deputy Athletics Director

I believe in a modern scholar-athlete ideal. That’s why, after spending nearly 30 years in college athletics striving to create healthy environments for achievement, I chose to join Game Plan.

Game Plan Set to Launch Certification Program for Proprietary Assessments

Game Plan's new certification program will be offered to all customers and will provide information on how to facilitate conversations on assessment results with athletes.

Insider Tip: Observe Mental Health Awareness Month with USCAH Courses

Game Plan's new USCAH courses can be utilized to help educate student-athletes on mental and physical health, health advocacy, and more.

Youngstown State Partners with Game Plan

“We always strive to provide the best resources for our student-athletes and Game Plan is a tremendous asset they can use while at YSU to have success on campus and once they leave our great institution,”

USCAH Becomes Game Plan’s Insights Expert on Athlete Healthcare

Partnership expands Game Plan’s Expert Network into the national student-athlete training and wellness community.

George Washington Partners with Game Plan

"The Game Plan platform will allow us to share resources and provide educational sessions in a more efficient and streamlined way by meeting our student-athletes where they are."

Insider Tip: Use the Career Marketplace to Upload Local Job Opportunities

Game Plan's Career Marketplace can be utilized to upload local job opportunities for your student-athletes.

Game Plan Reinforces Its Leading Educational Platform With Expert Network

Premium on-demand content from subject-matter experts will be available to student-athletes at all Game Plan schools.

Life After Athletics Partners with Game Plan

Life After Athletics Partners with Game Plan to ensure a smooth transition for their athletes.

Game Plan Acquires Career Development Platform The Athlete Book

Virtual events and gamification add powerful touch points for employers recruiting athletes and brands engaging athletes. Expansion of services into the 4.7 trillion dollar HALO sector. (Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoors.)

Trinity University Partners with Game Plan

“One thing that stood out about Game Plan is its ability to help us meet our athletes where they are and educate them on a variety of personal and professional development topics.”

University of Memphis Athletics Among Early Adopters of Game Plan’s Anonymous Reporting Tool, Tell Us

"By leveraging Game Plan’s Survey, eLearning and Career features, they are supporting student-athlete development and well-being today while laying the foundation for active, life-long alumni engagement as mentors and donors once their students have graduated."

My Content 3.0 Announcement

“This new release will help to empower Game Plan administrators in new ways, and we are eager to see the continued impact it has on our athletic organization community.” By Game Plan

From Student-Athlete to Broadcaster

"I had an unwavering belief in myself because I knew that the hardest thing that I had ever gone through was being a student-athlete,”

Fueling the Competitive Fire in All Aspects of Life

Every year thousands of college athletes see their athletic careers come to an end. This causes them to finally answer the question, "What's next?"

The Charlotte 49ers Partner with Game Plan

“Our ultimate commitment is to the total development of our student-athletes, and our partnership with Game Plan will provide critical resources for that purpose,”

Texas A&M University-Texarkana Partners with Game Plan

“We look forward to implementing and educating our student-athletes when it comes to all essential topics offered by Game Plan. The videos have been a tremendous teaching tool for everyone involved”

Game Plan Launches "Tell-Us" Feature

Through the feature, athletes are able to confidentially or anonymously share feedback, suggestions, and other information with their athletic organization, at any time.

Brad Groleau: Turning a Passion Into a Career

The old philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I spoke with Brad Groleau, a man who did just that.

The Schedule of a Student-Athlete

Time-management is a struggle for any college student, but it doesn’t compare when it comes to being a student-athlete

Emily Ehman: Life After Sport

“No one is going to give me anything. I have to start making my own opportunities.”

Meet Amanda McGrew, Founder of the Dating App "Playoff"

“I started noticing all of these niche dating apps and eventually asked myself: If I had to identify with one group of people, who would it be? For me, the answer was athletes and will always be athletes.”

Life After Sport: From Walk-On to Dancing Weatherman

“Sports have definitely played a role in where I’m at today.”

University of Louisville Athletics Partners With Game Plan

“One of our core beliefs is supporting our student-athletes and teaming-up with Game Plan provides another tool for our UofL student-athletes to learn and grow through life skills development, mentoring, and career services”

Vanderbilt Athletics Partners With Game Plan

“Vanderbilt is excited to partner with Game Plan to provide an online platform for additional resources for our student-athletes.”

University of California at Irvine Partners With Game Plan

“Student-athlete success is our top priority and Game Plan is a platform that will elevate our student-athlete experience in a wide spectrum of topics,”

Seton Hall University Partners With Game Plan

“Education and giving our student-athletes the tools they need to succeed in life is at the core of our mission”