Preparing For a Career After Sports

As a student-athlete, it may be difficult to think about preparing for life after college, and more importantly life after your sport. With your focus on your sports team and academic success, you may not spend much time thinking about what’s next for you after your sport. Follow some of the following tips to help you prepare for a career after you graduate!

First, always make sure to network. Wherever you may be, the way you present yourself is important because you never know who is in the room. Networking often happens organically without even realizing it is happening and that is why you should always engage with people by putting your best foot forward. You should use your sport to your advantage, since connecting with alumni (especially former student-athletes) can be a great way to build relationships and learn about potential career opportunities. LinkedIn is a great tool that can be utilized in your process to prepare for a career after college.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can be used to build and maintain professional connections, showcase your skills and experiences, and explore career opportunities. With millions of users worldwide, it is one of the largest professional networks available and proves to be a necessity for business owners, job seekers, and all professionals. To effectively use LinkedIn, start by creating a complete and professional profile that highlights your skills, experience, and accomplishments. Connect with colleagues, classmates, and professionals in your industry to expand your network. Participate in groups and discussions related to your industry to stay informed and build your online presence. It is also helpful to regularly post updates and articles to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a leader in your field. There is even a way to upload your resume to your profile and have it featured on your page.

I have found LinkedIn to also be beneficial while trying to find companies I’d be interested in working for. Connecting with leaders in my field, and then viewing their personal job history and where they started off in their career helps to give ideas about where I can start on my journey, too. You can increase your chances of landing a job by connecting with people and asking to set up informational interviews to expand your network and learn more about certain jobs.

There are many things you can do to plan for a career while in college. Making sure your resume is always updated and accessible is important! You can view a previous blog post of ours on how to incorporate being an athlete into your resume. You never know who you are going to meet, and having it saved on your phone can be a great sign of someone who is eager to network and land a job!

The last thing that is imperative in this process is having a mentor. Utilize your coaches, alumni, professors, and athletics administration to help you on your journey. They can essentially be the ones to connect you with your future employer. Be open to sharing your future goals so that people can help you on your journey!

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