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"The platform has become even more valuable to us with the addition of Game Plan Analytics. Having access to the Tell Us feature, but also being able to send end-of-season surveys via the app, is a game changer for our department."

University of Memphis, Sr. Associate AD for Student-Athlete Welfare

"I am excited to have an opportunity to gain insights into our students’ mindset as it relates to how we serve them. We spend a lot of time talking about our service to our students, but the conversation has always been qualitative in its nature."

Maine Maritime Academy, Director of Athletics

"It’s a great assessment tool that allows us to help our coaches grow and be even more successful through productive student-athlete feedback. It’s also extremely easy for our student-athletes to use, which has been critical for driving high response rates."

Utica University, Director of Athletics

Voice Of The Athlete

Game Plan Analytics is a survey tool and data analytics platform designed to help you directly understand the experience of your athlete and aid you in decision-making, strategic planning, and quality control for every aspect of your department.

With crowdsourced knowledge and data across our thousands of users, you can compare your program with other institutions and easily identify your unique competitive advantages to bolster recruiting and retention on your campus.

Game Plan Analytics

Every institution has specific reasons for utilizing the survey and analytics platform. Current partners use it to improve recruiting and support student retention, enhance staff performance, manage areas of risk, and aid in strategic planning and decision-making.

Added benefits of outsourcing this process include:

Support overworked staff by providing them an easy-to-use way to communicate with student-athletes and gather important information.
-Expertly curated survey questions to ensure high-quality data collection.
-Provides continuity of process and institutional memory in an era of high staff turnover.
-Allows for proactive leadership of your department.
-AD’s have thorough data to present to institution President’s and governing boards.  

Tell Us Feature

Through the feature, athletes are able to confidentially or anonymously share feedback, suggestions, and other information with their athletic organization at any time. Tell Us was designed to enhance communication in your department and supports a culture of trust, providing insight into areas such as:

-Concerning behaviors
-Mental health and well-being
-General suggestions for improving the athletic experience
-Thank you notes for coaches and staff
-And much more

Taking Pressure Off Your Staff

College athletics is an all-consuming enterprise and the responsibility for supporting the health, safety and well-being of hundreds of athletes, staff and coaches can feel daunting. Game Plan Analytics provides department leaders with the ability to broadly assess their organization and quickly analyze what needs immediate attention.

In addition to our student-athlete feedback platform, Game Plan offers numerous tools to help you dig a little deeper to create your desired department culture: