Guiding the Journey of the Athlete On And Off The Field

From high school to the pros and beyond, Game Plan is with them every step of the way.

Complete Athlete Development

Game Plan is an advanced, yet intuitive platform for athletes, institutions, and employers.

All-In-One Platform

Game Plan houses all eLearning, Survey, Career Preparation, and more in the same app making it easy for your department to assign and track the resources available to your athletes.

Accessible On All Devices

Game Plan is accessible anytime, anywhere via the mobile app. This allows your athletes and staff to access education, survey, and more when it fits into their schedule.

Sexual Violence Prevention

Bystander Intervention, Stalking, and Healthy Relationship Education.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Address matters of racism, prejudice, diversity, inclusion, and voter education.

Financial Literacy Education

Spending Smart, School & Money, Investing, and Earning Money.

We are proud to work with athletic organizations across the country:

Guiding 100% of Athletes Through 100% of Their Journey

From high school to the pros and beyond, Game Plan is with them every step of the way.


The pace and rigor of modern college athletics can make it difficult to find time for personal and professional development.

At Game Plan, we believe that the optimal way to deliver education is through a blended model of learning— providing athletes, coaches, and staff the flexibility and resources to learn in their own time.

We allow you to cover all of your educational needs with 10+ topic areas including Sexual Violence Prevention, Financial Literacy, Mental Health, and more


Game Plan Analytics is a survey tool and data analytics platform designed to help you directly understand the experience of your athlete and aid you in decision-making, strategic planning, and quality control for every aspect of your department.

With crowdsourced knowledge and data across our thousands of users, you can compare your program with other institutions and easily identify your unique competitive advantages to bolster recruiting and retention on your campus.

Sponsored Education

Becoming an education sponsor is the ultimate route to establishing authority within college sports. You’ll work with our EdTech experts to deliver eLearning content to tens of thousands of athletes.

While athletes are experiencing your branded lesson content, they are introduced to your job opportunities that are seamlessly integrated into your sponsored education.

Educate More than Just Your Athletes

Through Game Plan you can go beyond athlete and coach education. The platform lets you focus on:

-Organization and team staff
-Game operations departments
-Independent contractors
-& spouses and parents

Game Plan allows you to cover all development areas for your athletic department/organization in one location.

Game Plan is an advanced, yet intuitive platform for athletes, institutions, and employers.

From high school to the pros and beyond, Game Plan is with them every step of the way.


From mental health to college preparation, youth sports is one of the most important stages of an athletes development to set them up for success.


Game Plan ensures that college athletes receive the education, guidance, and services they need to take advantage of the unique opportunities they’re given.


Game Plan takes player education to the next level by breaking down traditional barriers between on- and off-the-field growth and development.


Education from subject matter experts ensures that your athletes get the most relevant and important information.

Solutions for Teams, Conference, Leagues, and More

Game Plan works with teams, leagues, conferences and more across all levels providing the most impactful and inclusive development for your organization.

"Game Plan has been a great help to me and our school in a variety of areas. Three big things it has helped us with are training materials on the topics the NCAA mandates we cover with our students, in helping me provide our students with content we are required by the state of Kentucky to provide per state NIL laws, and helping our athletic training department create/upload content they need our students to know – things like concussion protocols"

Shiloh Young, Director of Compliance and Student-Athlete Services/SWA, Kentucky Wesleyan College

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