Engage Your Entire Department

Game Plan ensures that athletes and staff across your athletic department receive the education, guidance, and services they need to take advantage of the unique opportunities they’re given.

We are proud to work with athletic organizations across the country:

Game Plan is an advanced, yet intuitive platform for athletes, coaches, and staff

From eLearning to Survey, Game Plan is their to support your entire athletic department

Educate Athletes, Coaches and Staff

The pace and rigor of modern college athletics can make it difficult to find time for personal and professional development.

At Game Plan, we believe that the optimal way to deliver education is through a blended model of learning— providing athletes, coaches, and staff the flexibility and resources to learn in their own time.

Prepare Athletes for Life after Competition

Help athletes gain professional experience to prepare for their transition to fulfilling careers through Game Plan. Our exclusive all-in-one platform includes custom eLearning content from hiring leaders, virtual activities and events, and a job board designed specifically for athletes.

Utilize Interest and Personality Assessments

Game Plan offers a unique array of interest, strength, and personality assessments. These assessments help athletes identify and understand their interests.

In addition to our athlete-specific proprietary assessments, we offer industry-standard personality, strengths, and interests assessments.

Customize Athlete Mentorship and Marketplace

Game Plan allows partner organizations to create custom, branded, password-protected mentorship, career, and NIL marketplaces so athletes can connect with alumni, faculty, and others approved by the organization as influencers and role models.

"Game Plan makes our lives easier with the ability to schedule out programming, but also serves as a one-stop resource for our student-athletes, which they really like. The platform has become even more valuable to us with the addition of Game Plan Analytics. Having access to the Tell Us feature, but also being able to send end-of-season surveys via the app, is a game changer for our department and really helps us streamline where our student-athletes spend their time!"

University of Memphis, Sr. Associate AD for Student-Athlete Welfare