Game Plan and the Gordie Center Partner to Provide Alcohol Misuse and Hazing Education to Student-Athletes

Game Plan and the Gordie Center are excited to announce their partnership that aims to educate student-athletes across the country on alcohol misuse and hazing. Through this collaboration, there are three new courses readily available for all Game Plan partner organizations.

The collaboration was obvious for Game Plan, as the Gordie Center’s mission is to end hazing and substance misuse among college and high school students nationwide. The Gordie Center is named for Lynn Gordon “Gordie” Bailey, Jr., an 18-year-old college student who died of an alcohol overdose at a fraternity hazing event in 2004.

“The Gordie Center is the leader in alcohol, substance use, and hazing education for college students. Since 1991, they’ve worked directly with the NCAA to put on the annual APPLE Training Institutes for student-athletes, coaches, and athletics staff, so they are incredibly well-versed in how this education impacts the student-athlete experience, specifically. I can’t think of any other organization we’d rather partner with to deliver this curriculum.”

These courses share insightful information on the impact of alcohol consumption and are intended to help young adults prevent future alcohol overdose deaths. The current course offerings are: PUBS: Know the Signs of Alcohol Overdose, Alcohol & Athletic Performance, and Standard Drink Serving.

“The Gordie Center is proud to partner with Game Plan to include our PUBS signs of alcohol overdose as well as our other alcohol education and hazing prevention videos in their educational programs.  Knowing the PUBS signs can save a life. There’s too little awareness that drinking too much alcohol too quickly can lead to a deadly overdose.”
Gordie Center Director, Susie Bruce

The Game Plan platform provides an engaging experience for student-athletes that helps them learn and remember critical information so they can perform at their best. With continued collaboration, future courses will include training on Hazing, Bystander Intervention, and the BACCHUS Maneuver. The content is informative for students, coaches, and administrators as the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption extend beyond athletics.

ABOUT THE GORDIE CENTER: The University of Virginia’s Gordie Center’s mission is to end hazing and substance misuse among college and high school students nationwide. They are dedicated to sharing Gordie Bailey’s story to prevent future hazing-related alcohol overdose deaths. The Gordie Center empowers students to transform their campus and community cultures through peer education and bystander intervention using evidence-informed, student-tested resources. Their APPLE Training Institutes are the leading national substance misuse prevention and health promotion conferences for NCAA student-athletes. To learn more about the Gordie Center, please visit and their APPLE Training Institutes at

ABOUT GAME PLAN: Game Plan is the leading provider of athlete development software in the country. 875+ athletic organizations leverage Game Plan’s suite of learning, career, and analytics products to create cultures of team engagement and support for their athletes. With over 240,000 courses completed annually, our comprehensive eLearning courses equip both athletics departments and conference offices with management and insight tools to ensure outstanding experiences and outcomes with unmatched accessibility. To learn more about Game Plan, please visit