Insider Tip: Utilize Game Plan Assessments to Help Freshmen Acclimate to Campus During Summer Bridge

June marks the start of summer sessions for many schools, and with summer sessions often comes Summer Bridge programming for freshmen. It’s common during Summer Bridge programming to cover a variety of topics like studying habits, major exploration and selection, diversity, equity and inclusion, financial education, identity, and more.

Game Plan’s extensive eLearning library can assist with many of the outlined topics above, but this blog will specifically focus on identity and major exploration and selection. Assessments can help expedite the process of freshmen athletes understanding themselves and how they can succeed in college – academically and athletically.

Our proprietary identity and interest assessments were built exclusively for the Game Plan platform and specifically for athletes. The Athlete Interest Inventory and the Next Play Pro were created in 2015 by Dr. Nathan Wiita and his team and have been completed by more than 10,000 athletes since then. The Athlete Interest Inventory is intended to assist with major exploration and selection, as well as career path exploration. The Next Play Pro focuses more on identity and how athletes can utilize their personality and interests to their advantage during their playing careers and beyond.

The assessments can be utilized for any and all grade levels, but here are the most common ways we see them used with freshmen:

  • Major Selection
  • Career Exploration
  • Identity Transitions

If you’d like to learn more about the individual assessments or about our Assessment Certification Program, click here. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email