Game Plan Announces New Roles For Product Team

Game Plan is excited to announce the new positions inside our product team.

Margaret DeBruhl: Associate Product Manager, Learning

Margaret is responsible for creating, launching, and managing the Game Plan Learning cloud services including GP Originals content, branded content, and e-Learning platform features. Margaret is working on a new e-Learning feature and 4 content updates/new releases that will be ready in April.

Julia Hatcher: Associate Program Manager, Athletic Organization Solutions

Julia is responsible for increasing Game Plan app usage by athletic organization subscribers through a) leading custom content development, b) managing product rollouts, c) managing Game Plan online events, and d) delivering insights on how to best utilize Game Plan. Julia is working on three exciting partnerships with athletic organizations that will launch over the next month. In addition, she is preparing to launch our Game Plan event series in April.

Kevin Slattery: Sr. Associate Product Manager, Careers

Kevin is responsible for creating, launching, and managing Game Plan Careers cloud services for employers and athletic organizations. Kevin is working on launching exciting updates to our Careers and Insights features on the Game Plan app in April.

Jurman Leveston: Product Manager, Analytics & UX

Jurman is responsible for creating, launching, and managing the Game Plan Analytics cloud services and all user facing interfaces of Game Plan’s web and mobile applications offered to Game Plan subscribers and partners. Jurman is working on updates to our branded Power the Journey sites for athletic organizations and employers that will be released later this month.


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