Game Plan adds industry thought leader and former deputy Athletics Director

Game Plan is excited to announce the addition of our new VP of Collegiate Partnerships, Ted White. Ted brings a wealth of knowledge from the college athletics space and we are thrilled to have him join the team here.

Letter From Ted:

“I believe in a modern scholar-athlete ideal. That’s why, after spending nearly 30 years in college athletics striving to create healthy environments for achievement, I chose to join Game Plan. Now more than ever, we must find innovative ways to engage our student-athletes in the high-impact activities that form the foundation for a bright future alongside and beyond sport.

At Game Plan we have a big idea; to celebrate the unique expertise and strengths you bring to your role, acknowledge the primacy of your in-person programming and personal relationships, and let you choose from our extensive catalog of education, career, and analytics resources to extend your reach and amplify your impact in ways that are unique to your skillset and your campus. Above all, to work alongside you and guide student-athletes to the future they imagine for themselves.

We believe a partnership that combines our respective strengths, acknowledges the value of our complimentary delivery methods, and provides the depth and breadth of programming your student-athletes deserve delivers on that promise of a modern scholar-athlete ideal. Through analytics, education, and career-oriented programming – all in a single mobile platform – you get real-time feedback on what your student-athletes want and need, decide which delivery method is right for the circumstance, and provide high-impact experiences across a broad network of expertise with partners you can trust.

Without a doubt, stepping away from campus was the riskiest thing I’ve ever done. But, the opportunities being presented across the college athletics landscape and the challenges they pose are unlike anything we’ve seen before, and I’m convinced that somewhere within this framework lies the material for a better, more impactful student-athlete experience. One that drives academic achievement and leads to higher motivation, healthier engagement, and better outcomes in the face of everything being added to the environment; new transfer legislation, name, image & likeness opportunities, Alston programming, sports wagering, professionalization, and the like. If something has to give, it doesn’t have to be our core values. In fact, it doesn’t have to be anything of value at all. Our student-athletes can have it all – especially if we’re willing to evolve along with them and provide the best foundation possible in this emerging environment.

It won’t be easy, but together we can make it happen. I invite you to take a look at our wide new array of services and explore a customized partnership with us today. Tell us what you do best and allow us to help with the rest.”

About Game Plan

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