Maine Maritime Academy Partners with Game Plan

Maine Maritime Academy has partnered with Game Plan to enhance the Mariners student-athlete experience by gathering valuable feedback and data through the use of Game Plan’s survey capabilities.

Through this partnership, Maine Maritime will utilize Game Plan Analytics to facilitate the deployment of end-of-season and end-of-year surveys to their student-athletes. Mariners athletes will have the opportunity to share anonymous, honest feedback with the department, which will allow Maine Maritime Athletics to gain more extensive insight into the athlete experience and make data-driven decisions based on their athletes’ needs.

“I am excited to have an opportunity to gain insights into our students’ mindset as it relates to how we serve them. We spend a lot of time talking about our service to our students, but the conversation has always been qualitative in its nature. There is great value in that, but injecting quantitative data into the conversation will provide a more informed discussion and afford us the opportunity to measure our progress over time.”
Director of Athletics, Steve Peed

Game Plan Analytics simplifies the entire survey process from creation to data analysis by providing one comprehensive platform to house it all. Mariners’ students will be able to complete surveys with ease from our web or mobile app. The department will then be able to access and analyze their results via a dashboard that visualizes the nature of their responses. This streamlined approach to athlete feedback will allow Maine Maritime to gather data in a more efficient way to continue to positively impact their athletes.

Speaking on the partnership with Maine Maritime, Ted White, Vice President of Collegiate Partnerships at Game Plan stated, “Steve and his staff have been terrific to work with and are truly invested in the process of creating the best possible environment for their student-athletes. They understand the value in collecting and analyzing data to compare against other measurements to be sure they’re applying their resources in the right places, at the right times.”

Game Plan is excited to partner with Maine Maritime Athletics and can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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