Mastry, One Love, and Restoic Join Game Plan’s Expert Network

GREENVILLE, NC – September 1, 2022

The leader in total athlete development is excited to announce the latest additions to its Expert Network: Mastry, One Love, and Restoic. Each of the aforementioned now have their own Insights Channel within the Expert Network on Game Plan’s platform. Athletes can explore Insights Channel content on their own, without having to be assigned anything.


Mastry became a content partner with Game Plan in August 2022, and they leverage HypnoBreathwork®, a cutting edge method using breathwork to clear energetic patterns, hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs and visioning to fire new neural pathways to take intuitive action. Their Insights Channel includes several coach-led video activities.

“We understand the pressure and transitions that take place in an athlete’s career and are excited to work with Game Plan to provide mindset resources and mental visualization tactics for athletes to sharpen their skills on and off the field,” said Francesca Sipma, Founder/CEO of Mastry.

One Love

One Love has enhanced its existing partnership with Game Plan by joining the Expert Network. Their Insights Channel features a combination of videos and blog articles on healthy and unhealthy relationships.

“One Love is excited to expand our partnership with Game Plan to include more tools and resources to help student-athletes spot the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and help a friend, both on and off the field,” said Libby Gutschenritter, Education Manager. “Our blog articles highlight specific areas where unhealthy relationships can pop up, and provide tips for navigating these tricky scenarios, and our new Public Service Announcements (PSAs) spotlight how unhealthy relationship behaviors happen online and in digital spaces, away from the view of family and friends.”


Restoic joined Game Plan as a content partner in the summer of 2022. The mental training app’s Insights Channel currently features athlete testimonials, their podcast, and blogs on a variety of mental training topics. Later this fall, Restoic will add four courses to both their channel and the Game Plan platform.

“Since 2019, our team has been dedicated to creating app-based technology that empowers athletes at all levels with the skills to perform at their best and prioritize their mental well-being,” said Ian Gulbransen, Restoic Co-Founder. “We are thrilled to partner with Game Plan to provide access to Restoic’s educational resources shown to proactively destigmatize mental wellness and strengthen support systems within sports.”

Learn More

To learn more about Game Plan’s Expert Network existing customers can contact their Customer Success Manager. Potential content partners should reach out to Head of Curriculum Development, Tayler Onion, if interested in becoming a part of the Expert Network. If you’re new to Game Plan, click here to request a demo.


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