Game Plan Partners with WellsQuest to Launch Foundational Leadership Courses in Professional Development Suite for Staff

In August, Game Plan announced the launch of our Professional Development Suite for staff. Today, we are excited to announce the initial offering of foundational leadership modules from WellsQuest as a part of that suite.

Game Plan’s mission has always been to guide 100 percent of athletes through 100 percent of their journey, and athletic organization staff have always played a major role in that journey. This new suite of eLearning modules is designed specifically for those working in athletics and aims to provide professional development education for athletic organization staff of all levels.

“We are excited to add more content to our Professional Development Suite for staff, and even more excited to be partnering with a subject matter expert like WellsQuest,” said Dr. Tayler Onion, Game Plan’s Head of Curriculum Development. “Their background in organizational assessment and talent development mixed with sport was the perfect fit for Game Plan on this project.”

WellsQuest is a collection of professionals from academia, business, sport and media that is dedicated to learning, leading, and lifting by (re)investing in people to empower work that matters within the workplace and the communities they serve.

“As an educator, I know that meeting people where they are is important,” said Dr. Janelle Wells, Co-Founder and Impact Coach at WellsQuest. “Through our partnership with Game Plan, we have been able to develop relevant content delivered in a way that is digestible and engaging. The team at Game Plan are great to work for and are truly committed to developing individuals and athletic organizations.”

WellsQuest has worked with a variety of clients in athletics, including notable organizations such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Under Armour. Their areas of expertise include Leadership and Team Coaching, Talent Development and Management, Organizational Cultural Assessment, and more.

“The suite of courses that we have had the pleasure of developing with Game Plan will provide the foundation for people to be more engaged and to thrive in the workplace,” said Dr. Doreen MacAulay, Partner and Journey Facilitator atWellsQuest. “With an awareness of the workplace challenges of recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees, particularly in collegiate athletics, these courses are relevant to the changing industry realities, they are also easy to access, and most importantly, they are engaging, which helps both the individual and the organization grow.”

While WellsQuest will continue to develop additional content for Game Plan’s Professional Development Suite for staff, we are excited to announce the first two modules are live on the platform. With a focus on Emotional Intelligence, the first two courses are listed below:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing Up, Down, and Across

These first two modules focus on foundational skills in Emotional Intelligence and are intended to start crucial conversations within athletic organizations. Later this year, Game Plan and WellsQuest will announce additional modules on topics such as communication and identity.

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To learn more about Game Plan’s new Professional Development Suite for staff, existing customers can contact their Customer Success Manager. If you’re new to Game Plan, click here to request a demo.


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