Utah Valley Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

Utah Valley University has renewed its partnership with Game Plan to best prepare and develop Wolverine athletes for their life on and off the playing field.

Utah Valley Athletics utilizes the platform to educate their athletes and staff on important issues at the forefront of college athletics. Primarily focused on sexual violence prevention education, the mobile-friendly aspect of the platform has expanded how Utah Valley interacts with and engages their student-athletes and staff.

“Game Plan is a simple and effective way to educate our coaches and staff while providing documentation and tracking mechanisms that help us ensure we are meeting the needs of our students. Game Plan has worked well to be able to have students and staff complete annual education modules from the convenience of their phones.”
Deputy Athletic Director at Utah Valley University, Adam Sanft

Utah Valley has also worked with Game Plan to create a custom course to deliver Title IX education to their student-athletes and staff. The development of this course has allowed Utah Valley to provide department- and institution-specific Title IX policies and resources to all parties.

Speaking on the partnership with Utah Valley University, Ted White, Vice President of Collegiate Partnerships at Game Plan stated, “Utah Valley has been an outstanding partner. They’re dedicated to creating a better environment by ensuring their student-athletes and staff get engaging and interactive education they can put into practice – instead of just checking boxes.”

To learn more about how Game Plan helps institutions create and deliver compelling education, programming, and attestation – including the NCAA DI Transformation Committee requirements, please click here.

About Game Plan

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