UC Irvine Athletics Renews Partnership with Game Plan

University of California, Irvine has renewed its partnership with Game Plan to best prepare and develop Anteater athletes for their lives on and off the playing field.

UC Irvine Athletics utilizes the platform to provide valuable education to first-year students as part of their First-Year Freshman Experience course. The various modules on Game Plan allow them to effectively reach and engage their student-athlete population.

“Game Plan has allowed us to continue to grow our engagement levels with the student-athletes in many different aspects of our department because of the convenience of having these tools all on one platform. Our favorite aspect of using the platform is the amount of different modules and lessons provided. This allows us to distribute a wider variety of content to a diverse group of students.”
Student-Athlete Development Coordinator at UC Irvine, Hannah Mitchell

In addition to the eLearning offerings on Game Plan, UC Irvine plans to utilize the mentorship and career aspects of the platform. The mentorship feature will allow UC Irvine to connect current and former Anteaters and facilitate strong connections that engage their alumni while helping guide current Anteaters through their time in college. They will also be able to build a unique career marketplace within the platform, offering job opportunities just for their student-athletes.

Speaking on the partnership with UC Irvine, Ted White, Vice President of Collegiate Partnerships at Game Plan stated, “We’re proud to extend our relationship with the Anteaters and value our role in supporting their holistic approach to creating a one-of-a-kind student-athlete experience.” To learn more about how Game Plan helps institutions create and deliver compelling education, programming, and attestation, please click here.

About Game Plan:
Game Plan is the leading provider of athlete development software in the country. 875+ athletic organizations leverage Game Plan’s suite of learning, career, and analytics products to create cultures of team engagement and support for their athletes. With over 240,000 courses completed annually, our comprehensive eLearning courses equip both athletics departments and conference offices with management and insight tools to ensure outstanding experiences and outcomes with an unmatched accessibility. To learn more about Game Plan, please visit wearegameplan.com.