Game Plan Announces Mike Banville as CEO

Game Plan, the leading platform for total athlete development, is pleased to announce Mike Banville as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This transition in leadership continues Game Plan on the path to guide 100% of athletes through 100% of their journey. Banville brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business that will help Game Plan continue to grow and impact athletes all over the country.

Banville has previously worked within the college and professional sports industry as the CEO of SSB, now called Affinaquest. SSB was a provider of fan data management and analytics software solutions that enabled college and professional sports organizations to drive sales and revenue. He is a senior executive with more than 25 years of leadership expertise in P&L management, M&A, sales and marketing management, product management, and strategic planning. Banville has led organizations working with a wide range of end markets including higher education, sports, energy, automotive, healthcare, and the electronics sectors.

“I am honored to join an organization with such a compelling mission and impact. Since 2008 under founder Vin McCaffrey’s leadership Game Plan has been dedicated to supporting the athlete’s entire journey, including a successful transition to life after sports. I look forward to working with the Game Plan team and clients to prepare for the new NCAA Transformation Committee rules, a major expansion of the responsibilities for both student-athletes and universities. The next phase of our journey will be very exciting!”
Chief Executive Officer at Game Plan, Mike Banville

Game Plan looks forward to continuing to provide value to our brand and content partners while serving the athletic department to help maximize athlete outcomes. Through eLearning, survey, career, and mentorship capabilities on the platform, athletes and staff have access to the tools they need to succeed on and off the field. To learn more about what we do at Game Plan, please click here.

About Game Plan

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