The Journey of The Athlete

Nearly 15 years ago, Game Plan launched with a mission to guide athletes through their journey. Not long after, North Carolina State Athletics became Game Plan’s first collegiate athletics customer. As part of their incoming first-year program, State used Game Plan’s identity and interest assessments, which started us down a wonderful journey.

So it is fitting that years later, we decided to film our commercial on State’s campus, working with several current student-athletes on Game Plan’s first featured short video.

Featured Athletes:

It is also fitting that Game Plan is working with student-athletes through their NIL. As a company, we feel wonderful about college athletes being able to not only realize their dreams of competing at the collegiate level, but also receive compensation for their work all while learning true life lessons that will serve them well now and in the future.

In all, Game Plan worked with four different student-athletes from different sports and all different walks of life. All who will face the same challenge at some point in their journey: The transition to life after sport. In coordination with local video agency Trimark Digital and these four current student-athletes, we were able to help bring this vision to life.

More than ever, Game Plan is committed to its mission of guiding an athlete through their journey.