The NJCAA has launched the NJCAA Opportunity Center in partnership with Game Plan

Charlotte, NC – The NJCAA – in a new partnership with Game Plan – has announced the debut of the NJCAA Opportunity Center:a new career platform dedicated to two-year colleges and their student-athletes across the United States. This one-of-a-kind opportunity provides tools for NJCAA student-athletes to directly connect with employers, explore jobs, and internships.

“Game Plan is incredibly excited to provide the student-athletes in the NJCAA meaningful employment opportunities through exclusive and direct connections to the nation’s top employers. This platform streamlines the job/internship search process in a significant way for both students and top employers who are specifically looking to hire student-athletes.” – Max Wessell, Chairman of the Board at Game Plan

Within the NJCAA Opportunity Center platform, employers can post and update networking and mentoring opportunities, jobs, and internships tailored to specific areas of study for student-athletes to explore career opportunities, while displaying their skills and experience in a custom-tailored profile.

The NJCAA Opportunity Center is the first of its kind for any collegiate athletic association and allows NJCAA student-athletes to take advantage of this free and valuable resource. We are committed to furthering opportunities for our student-athletes and this platform will do just that and the ability for much more in the future.
Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President and CEO

While the NJCAA Opportunity Center is the first of its kind for NJCAA student-athletes, the platform is also the first time employers have an ability to directly connect to NJCAA student-athletes whose interests align with the employer’s industry. The platform will also provide the ability to add additional resources to NJCAA student-athletes on a national level.

Want to learn more? Visit online at NJCAA Opportunity Center or talk with Game Plan staff in the exhibit hall at the 2022 NJCAA National Convention

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