University of South Dakota

Reaching Coyote athletes in a more effective and timely manner

 “Instead of having to create assignments to help educate our student-athletes, Game Plan has the most up-to-date topics ready to go. The content of the courses is student friendly and concise so they can quickly and easily get the point of the topic at hand.”

Colleen Evans

Director, Student-Athlete Success Center at the University of South Dakota

How Game Plan Helps South Dakota Reach & Develop Their Athletes

The University of South Dakota strategically integrates Game Plan into its existing programs. During the freshman seminar class, students are assigned modules covering essential topics such as academic advising and major selection. By incorporating these assignments into the curriculum, USD ensures that student-athletes receive vital information early in their academic journey. Additionally, upperclassmen benefit from specialized courses on financial planning, aligning content with their current needs and challenges.

What Topics Are the Most Important For South Dakota’s Student-Athletes

USD believes all topics in the eLearning library are valuable, and they select the modules they think are most pertinent to freshmen during their first semester, like “Choosing a Major”. In addition, the ability to create custom learning modules allows USD to tailor educational content specifically to their needs. For instance, they developed "Coyote Advising 101," a course outlining the advising process, which proved instrumental in clarifying academic pathways for student-athletes.

How Game Plan Helps South Dakota’s Staff Do More

Prior to implementing Game Plan, USD faced several challenges in effectively disseminating crucial information to student-athletes. Traditional methods of education were time-consuming to develop, lacked interactivity, and often failed to engage the target audience. Moreover, keeping the content updated with the latest information posed a significant challenge for the athletics department. For USD's athletics department, Game Plan serves as a valuable resource for addressing critical topics in student-athlete development. Furthermore, the responsive customer service offered by Game Plan fosters a collaborative partnership, facilitating seamless communication and support. Student feedback also highlighted the platform's user-friendly interface and concise content, enabling them to grasp essential concepts efficiently.

The University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota has made significant investments into the success of their student-athletes.  Their comprehensive academic support program strongly adheres to the principles of integrity and excellence – and focuses on guiding and supporting student-athletes on the path toward graduation and beyond.