University of South Dakota

Making career planning a priority and quickly onboarding new student-athletes.

"Game Plan has provided us with a structure for providing and thinking about how we offer career planning and guidance to our student-athletes."

Colleen Evans

Director of Student-Athlete Success Center at the University of South Dakota

Before the Partnership

Before the Coyotes partnered with Game Plan, they didn’t have a way to deliver student-athlete development education online and at scale.  They were looking for a way to engage freshmen and get them set up and comfortable with their student-athlete development programs.

Their Goal

The athletics department administration wanted to make professional development a priority to get their student-athletes thinking about career planning at an earlier stage.  They also wanted to differentiate their athletics department from those at other universities by demonstrating their commitment to comprehensive student-athlete development to recruiting prospects and their parents.

The Result

The University of South Dakota now uses Game Plan’s eLearning curriculums in the fall during their freshman seminar classes to get new student-athletes get up and comfortable with the program.  Their academic advisors showcase Game Plan during recruiting visits to show prospective recruits and their parents that the university is committed to each athlete’s success in the classroom, in their sport, and beyond.

The University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota has made significant investments into the success of their student-athletes.  Their comprehensive academic support program strongly adheres to the principles of integrity and excellence – and focuses on guiding and supporting student-athletes on the path toward graduation and beyond.