Pac-12 Conference

The Pac-12 Conference has prioritized Sports Wagering education for all individuals involved with the conference from officials and refs to internal staff.

"Game Plan is a great partner who helped us develop an informative, appropriately tailored sports wagering educational program which can generally be completed in about ten minutes on a smartphone which is very well suited for student-athletes and the modern consumer of information. Game Plan has proved to be a great training tool for the Pac-12 and our member institutions."

Scott Petersmeyer

Deputy General Counsel, VP, Pac-12 Conference


The PAC-12 Conference partnered with Game Plan back in 2019 to develop and educate its administration, staff, coaches and student athletes around Sports Wagering. Since the launch of the program in 2019, the Pac-12 Conference has expanded its efforts in prioritizing this education for a wide range of individuals including student-athletes, member school administrators, officials and internal conference staff.

Sports Wagering Education as a priority for the PAC-12

Sports wagering education has always been and will continue to be a priority for the Pac-12.  Since PASPA was repealed in 2018, the Pac-12 has seen rapid and significant growth of legalized sports gambling in a number of states, including in the Pac-12 footprint, which led to the Pac-12 enhancing it’s educational efforts.

The importance of educating staff, on-air talent, officials, student-athletes and administration at each institution

Through Game Plan, the Pac-12 educates key Conference and school stakeholders on: NCAA and Pac-12 rules, consequences for violating rules, real life examples of sports wagering violations, and what you should do in certain hypothetical situations, among other areas. These trainings are instrumental in promoting game integrity, competitive fairness, student-athlete safety and regulatory compliance, all of which are central to the Pac-12’s mission.

How Game Plan improved PAC-12 Sports Wagering Education

Prior to partnering with Game Plan, the Pac-12 conducted in-person training to various stakeholder groups. By utilizing Game Plan, the process improved and simplified the conference’s abilities to ensure key parties were educated because the training can reach a much broader audience through Game Plan’s online module, which cuts down significantly on the administration from the Conference’s offices. The self-paced courses which can generally be completed in about ten minutes on a smartphone are also very well suited for student-athletes and the modern consumer of information.

The Pac-12 is made up of 12 member colleges in the Western United States. The conference as a whole focuses on the complete development of their student-athletes, staff, officials, and internal staff. Through the use of Game Plan and with their well rounded approach, the Pac-12 has been able to effectively educate the conference on Sports Wagering.