NBA G League

Uncovering players' identities "off the court" and consolidating development programs into one platform.

"Working with Game Plan has allowed us to consolidate programs we'd like to offer players into one platform.  As we continue exploring other offerings of Game Plan, it will allow us to fully support the player's journey."

Erjaam Hayes

Senior Management of Player Development at NBA/NBA G League

Before the Partnership

Before partnering with Game Plan, the G League had administered generic assessments to players, but these assessments didn’t “speak the language of the player”.  As a result, the league didn’t have a sense of the “off the court” identity of their players.  In the past, they had offered several other academic and life skills development programs, but they weren’t able to deliver these resources “on-demand” to their players.

Their Goal

The G League’s goal was to better help their players understand who they are along with their academic and career interest.  They wanted to deliver development programs at scale in a way that gives their players the flexibility to participate at their own pace and in their own time.  They ultimately wanted to develop programs that can be delivered using a single platform to drive better adoption as new players enter the league.

The Result

Since partnering with Game Plan, the G League has been able to consolidate the programs they offer their players into a single platform.  They’ve developed fully customized, branded eLearning courses covering topics such as social media awareness and domestic violence prevention.  These courses can be delivered to their players at scale and completed “on-demand.”  Game Plan’s virtual mentorship and career services have also allowed the league to begin developing programs that bring former players and other stakeholders back into their organization to unlock career and mentorship opportunities for current players.

The NBA G League

The NBA G League is the NBA’s official developmental league.  The league features 30 teams and is focused on player development on the court as well as in the areas of life skills and academic development.