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Setting Lincoln athletes up for success through a well rounded approach to student-athlete development

“This platform provides our student-athletes with tools to enrich their professional development. Our goal is to provide resources to ensure the success of our students on and off the playing surface, and Game Plan helps us reach this goal!”

Keith A. Merritt II

Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Success

How Game Plan Helps Lincoln Reach & Develop Their Athletes

Lincoln assigns courses to student-athletes by reviewing the content on Game Plan as it relates to today's athletic climate. They assign topics based on class year to meet each cohort where they are in their development. They then assign additional topics like Sexual Violence Prevention, Leadership, and Mental Health & Wellness to all student-athletes. 

After topics have been selected, Lincoln also reviews the curriculum with their head coaches to see what additional eLearning may be required or desired for their specific team(s). This process allows Lincoln to thoughtfully and effectively provide the most well-rounded education to their students without having to organize and hold in-person events for each topic area.

What Topics Are the Most Important For Lincoln’s Student-Athletes

Lincoln University sees great value in the Financial Literacy offerings on the platform. Keith A. Merritt II, Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Success, states: “I believe that all of the content on Game Plan is valuable, but we see great importance in the Financial Literacy education because of the life values you can learn starting from savings to investing.” 

Through Financial Literacy education, and additional topics assigned, Lincoln is giving Lion student-athletes the tools they need to succeed during their time in college and after they graduate.

How Game Plan Helps Lincoln’s Staff Do More

Utilizing education through Game Plan, and allowing athletes to complete this on their own time, has allowed Lincoln to be more creative about who they bring in to speak to complement the education their athletes have already received. The Game Plan platform has also given them the ability to engage with their student-athletes more efficiently. Merritt II explains, “The modules are short yet detailed and provide insight into real-world challenges. Our student-athletes are in a position to think critically and strategically regarding their future, so the Game Plan platform is a game changer for us!”

Additionally, Game Plan has allowed Lincoln to track how athletes are progressing with their development and then provide updates to coaching staffs and sports supervisors on progress and engagement within the topic areas most important to the athletic department.

Lincoln University

In their time with Game Plan, Lincoln University has completed over 19,000 of courses on the platform and engaged with more than 360 athletes.