Kansas City Royals

Transforming the Royals' rookie onboarding handbook into an online library of courses.

"Game Plan has been a great partner.  Not only are they open to what we want to do, but they are also extremely supportive of us.  They work with us in determining the best way to reach our people."

Jeff Diskin

Director of Professional Development, KC Royals

Custom Developmental Solutions

Game Plan has worked closely with the Royals to develop custom eLearning resources based on their existing programming.  The subject matter of these courses are centered around topics such as performance and nutrition, rookie onboarding education, drug testing protocol, and more.

Original Game Plan Expert Content

The KC Royals also have access to an extensive library of other developmental courses pre-developed by Game Plan and our expert network.  This library is made up of courses focused on a wide range of topics to help their players succeed.  From goal setting and self-awareness to networking and interviewing - we have got it covered.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals have been innovators among their peers in terms of prioritizing their players’ development as leaders both on and off the field.  As an organization that strives to ignite success in the lives of its players during their time in baseball and beyond, the Royals are a prime example of a partner that is perfectly aligned with our mission at Game Plan.

“Game Plan is helping us to create and reinforce the desired culture that we want with our players.  It is important for the players to know that we care about them as athletes and as people.” – Jeff Diskin, Director of Professional Development