The Great Midwest Athletic Conference has extended its partnership with Game Plan as they continue to leverage the provided resources.

"Game Plan has allowed us to provide an educational platform for our student-athletes that is accessible for them wherever they go. Game Plan has a vast library of educational resources that we can get out to our student-athletes that help them in and out of the classroom as well as their future."

Assistant Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator/Director of Academic Support Services for Athletics, Ashland University

The Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) partnership with Game Plan has extended for another academic year as the conference and its institutions continue to leverage the resources provided on the platform. At the start of the pandemic back in 2020, the G-MAC signed on with Game Plan to leverage the Mental Health resources and education offerings in efforts to make student-athletes more aware and understand the importance of mental wellness in college athletics. Within the year, the G-MAC had expanded its services beyond mental wellness education because of the feedback and need from its institutions. 

This past year, the G-MAC decided to extend for another academic year with Game Plan to continue to educate, guide and assist the student-athletes, coaches and staff in all aspects of the college athletics lifecycle.

"Game Plan has been a great help to me and our school in a variety of areas. Three big things it has helped us with are training materials on the topics the NCAA mandates we cover with our students, in helping me provide our students with content we are required by the state of Kentucky to provide per state NIL laws, and helping our athletic training department create/upload content they need our students to know – things like concussion protocols. In-person training on these and more is not always an option for us with so many student-athletes and so many various schedules to accommodate for, so Game Plan has been a lifesaver in getting this content out with the ability to track who has and has not completed each training."

Shiloh Young

Director of Compliance and Student-Athlete Services/SWA, Kentucky Wesleyan College

Throughout the partnership, the G-MAC has accomplished a lot on the Game Plan platform. To put it in perspective, here are a few statistics from the G-MAC partnership over the past four years:

Total completions include 71,226 and counting; 6,910 total users (athletes, coaches, staff); All 14 institutions under the Great Midwest Athletic Conference have used Game Plan for some type of educational resource; Top curriculums used on Game Plan include Sexual Violence Prevention, Mental Health/Wellness, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Custom Content created by the institution for use of topics such as Student-Athlete Handbooks, Meet the Staff, Additional Resources throughout Campus, Mental Wellness Screening, and more.

The G-MACs partnership with Game Plan has allowed the conference as a whole, along with each individual institution, to meet the needs of their specific program. Some use Game Plan for student-athlete education where others use it to educate their coaches and greater athletics staff. Regardless of how the platform is used throughout the conference and schools, Game Plan has been a large part of the success to enhance the learning capabilities in different subject areas for all users within each athletic department. It is the goal of Game Plan to leverage these capabilities and continue to serve as the #1 platform for total athlete development.

About the GMAC:
The G-MAC is made up of 14 member colleges in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. The conference overall is focused on providing their member institutions with the tools they need to best develop their athletes and staff. Through the use of Game Plan and with their well-rounded approach, the G-MAC has been able to effectively educate and develop the conference.