Financial Literacy

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“One of Wells Fargo’s priorities is to open pathways to economic advancement. Game Plan is helping us do that for thousands of young adults, giving them a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence to make smart financial choices.”

Leader, Financial Health at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo x Game Plan

Wells Fargo has been a long time partner of Game Plan to help deliver content that educates people of all ages about the basics of responsible money management and offers a wealth of critical information that can help student-athletes everywhere.

Wells Fargo is dedicated to engaging athletes beyond on-campus in-person workshops; and delivers their financial education modules digitally to student-athletes through Game Plan.

Financial Literacy Education By Course

Wells Fargo offers a wide variety of content on Game Plan providing a fully encompassing education experience. The Wells Fargo courses include:

Getting Started
Earning Money
Save, Invest & Build Wealth
Spending Smart
All About Credit
School & Money
& More

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Financial Literacy: Required Education

Financial Literacy education is a vital part of athletics everywhere and is one of the required education topics in the NCAA D1 Transformation Committee coming this year.

Are you prepared to meet the required programming, education, and attestation this year?

“Game Plan is a valuable tool in our department. This platform creates a seamless hub for our student-athletes to grow, while also ensuring we have a solution for the busy schedules in college athletics. From the variety of educational topics to the ease of monitoring completion, this platform has enhanced our in-person education and allowed our staff to dig deeper into topics and expand the conversations around topics like financial literacy.”

Seton Hall Deputy Athletics Director for Compliance & Student-Athlete Development/SWA