University of Memphis

A holistic approach to total athlete development and student-athlete welfare.

“Game Plan makes our lives easier with the ability to schedule out programming, but also serves as a one-stop resource for our student-athletes, which they really like. The platform has become even more valuable to us with the addition of Game Plan Analytics. Having access to the Tell Us feature, but also being able to send end-of-season surveys via the app, is a game changer for our department and really helps us streamline where our student-athletes spend their time!”

Marlon Dechausay

Sr. Associate AD for Student-Athlete Welfare


Being able to meet student-athletes where they are, provide relevant, beneficial education and resources, and manage the ever-growing time demands and challenges they face are obstacles faced by athletic departments across the country. Memphis is no different, and they were looking to provide holistic development to their student-athletes in one place while still fostering and preserving their well-being. They were looking for the ability to customize programming based on the needs and interests of their students while also finding a way to continue to build on their culture of feedback and gather actionable data from the student-athletes on all facets of their experience at Memphis.


For nearly 10 years, Memphis and Game Plan have worked together to provide total athlete development to their student-athletes. For Memphis, it all starts with the ability to efficiently gather student-athlete feedback and turn it into actionable insights to improve their journey and outcomes. Through Game Plan Analytics, Memphis is able to conduct end-of-season surveys and exit interviews with their students right in the platform and receive detailed, benchmarked data that can be used to assess and enhance the student-athlete experience. Then these insights are used in the Education section of Game Plan where Memphis has taken advantage of the ability to provide education and resources tailored to all student-athletes as well as cohort-based curriculum focused on personal and professional development. The Game Plan platform has allowed Memphis to schedule this education throughout the year and track student-athletes progress and completion. In addition, Memphis has taken advantage of Game Plan’s branded solution to create a true Tigers Athletics experience for their student-athletes on the mobile app.


Through the partnership with Game Plan, Memphis athletics has the ability to survey their student-athletes within the platform, which has created a streamlined method for gathering valuable information on the student-athlete experience and the ability to evaluate and benchmark this data, allowing them to continue to improve and enhance the personal, academic and athletics lives of their student-athletes. Acting on this data, student-athletes have received a plethora of education spanning a wide variety of topics, something that previously posed a challenge given their student-athletes’ time demands. While speakers and in-person sessions would hit on some areas, Game Plan has allowed Memphis to expand the resources and education offered to their students covering topics such as mental health and wellness, diversity, equity and inclusion, civic engagement, career readiness and professional development, and more!

“When it comes to fully utilizing everything the Game Plan platform has to offer, Memphis Athletics is one of our best partners in the country”, saxecutive Vice President of Athletic Organizations at Game Plan. “Memphis is utilizing the full capabilities and functionality of Game Plan’s tools in order to create incredible student-athlete experiences and outcomes. Game Plan Analytics now truly offers a one-stop-shop for Tiger Athletics.”