The Schedule of a Student-Athlete

As a student-athlete, what would you say you struggle with the most? Could it be fatigueness, socializing, decision-making, or time-management? DING! I think time-management is a struggle for any college student, but it doesn’t compare when it comes to being a student-athlete! Unlike others, you have a set schedule every single day. During that day it will probably go something like this:

6am- Practice
(Breakfast if possible in between)
8am- 12pm- Classes
12-2- Skills practice/lunch
2pm-3pm- Class/meetings
4pm-5pm Grab dinner or Possibly a nap 🙂
5:30-Head to the gym for treatment
6pm-9pm -PRACTICE
930pm-until- Study or Homework before you go to sleep

You wake up and do it alllll over again! This may not be your schedule but I’m sure it’s similar to it! That’s a somewhat a sketch of what my days consisted of while I was a student-athlete! Although it’s not easy, you manage and continue to do what works.

Time management is so important as a student-athlete because you have a lot to juggle on a day-to-day basis. The layout above was just a sample of a regular day. What about the numerous days you miss when you have to travel for games or tournaments? A solution that worked for me with time management was getting myself a planner and writing everything down. I wrote down practice times, games, assignments due, meetings to attend, and the list goes on! This is a way for you to stay organized and not miss a deadline. You have so much going on and your sport is what you sleep, eat, and drink on a consistent basis. As a former student-athlete, I learned very quickly how to appreciate downtime. That’s a word you don’t hear too often. Learn how to take that time that you do get to yourself and relax! There were times I went in my room and just laid there. No television, no laptop, but I laid on my bed and enjoyed my time to relax. I encourage you to do the same thing once you get that time but don’t lay too long….you just might go to sleep! 🙂