University of Memphis Athletics Among Early Adopters of Game Plan’s Anonymous Reporting Tool, Tell Us

The University of Memphis has launched a new anonymous reporting feature called Tell Us through their partnership with Game Plan. Tiger student-athletes will now have the ability to confidentially and/or anonymously share feedback on areas such as concerning behaviors, mental health and well-being, general suggestions for improving the overall athletic experience, positive feedback on coaches/athletic department staff, and much more.

The Tell Us feature gives our student-athletes the opportunity to provide real time information to our administration about matters, including dealings with others, that impact their experience. This information greatly benefits us as we continue our efforts to improve the overall experience for all Tiger student-athletes,
Laird Veatch, Vice President/Director of Athletics

The Tell Us feature was the first fully-integrated feature from Athlete Viewpoint into the Game Plan platform. Game Plan announced its acquisition of Athlete Viewpoint in September 2021 and immediately began working on ways to incorporate Athlete Viewpoint’s features into the existing platform. As a result, Tell Us was launched in October 2021, free of charge for all existing Game Plan and Athlete Viewpoint partners.

The partnership between Game Plan and Athlete Viewpoint is a game changer for our athletic department. The platform provides a one-stop shop for our student-athletes where they are able to provide valuable feedback, complete their educational modules and access our student-athlete handbook,
Marlon Dechausay, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Welfare

“The Memphis Athletic Department is committed to a culture of continuous improvement that is centered on what is best for their student-athletes,” said Jennifer Cross, Vice President of Game Plan and Managing Director of Athlete Viewpoint. “They have fully embraced a best practices model of gathering feedback through post-season surveys, timely reporting and in-person exit interviews to then provide targeted resources and education that prepares student-athletes for life after sport. By leveraging Game Plan’s Survey, eLearning and Career features, they are supporting student-athlete development and well-being today while laying the foundation for active, life-long alumni engagement as mentors and donors once their students have graduated.”

About The University Of Memphis

The University of Memphis competes as an NCAA Division I member in the American Athletic Conference. The athletic department sponsors 20 varsity sports. Located in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, the University of Memphis is a major research institution.

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About Athlete Viewpoint

Game Plan announced its acquisition of Athlete Viewpoint in September of 2021 and immediately began working on ways to incorporate Athlete Viewpoint’s features into the existing platform. The customized platform draws from a database of over 1200 questions to give student athletes a voice, and athletic administrators and coaches data exactly the way they need it – fast, effortless and easily understood.  For more information, visit